I am blessed to bless.
My name is Fiona Liem, I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. Since I was little, I have been blessed enough to be exposed to different cultures and to learn different languages, while taught to never forget to help others as much as I can.
I am a graphic designer. I am also a relator, an achiever, an activator, and a strategic person. I absolutely love what I do and I always make sure that I only deliver the best quality of work. I probably love my work a little too much that I go crazy over details and typefaces, but that’s what makes me who I am. 
My design philosophy is that design should always be functional and beautiful.  It should also be well thought out in order for it to be meaningful. Finally, design should always speak for itself.
Here is my portfolio since 2017. 
Please check back for more of my designs as I promise to continue to deliver you my best works. 
Thank you very much!